The William B. Wisdom Grants in Aid of Research

Purpose: These grants are designed to aid scholars and students engaged in research on Thomas Wolfe (1900–38) by providing funds for travel and living expenses for applicants who plan to work with the William B. Wisdom Collection of Thomas Wolfe in the Houghton Library, Harvard University. Consideration will also be given to applicants who wish to use the Thomas Wolfe Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Candidates at work on PhD dissertations are especially encouraged.

Rules and Procedures: Letters of application, submitted in triplicate, should include a description of the proposed research project, an estimate of expenses, and a curriculum vitae, including a list of publications. Approved applicants are expected to submit a final report on the research at the following Thomas Wolfe Society meeting and two copies of any publication resulting from the research.

Sponsor: The William B. Wisdom Grants in Aid of Research are made possible through the generosity of Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin, New Orleans.

Award: Grants up to $1,000 will be awarded annually.

Deadline for Submission: April 1

Announcement of Winner: June 1

Send applications to:

Chair of the Grant Committee
Current Vice President of the Thomas Wolfe Society
(2022-24: Steve Rogers)

Recipients of the William B. Wisdom Grants in Aid of Research

1991 Jackson R. Bryer
1992 John L. Idol Jr.
1993 Inez Hollander
1994 Joanne Marshall Mauldin
1995 Carol Johnston
1996 Gerry Max
1997 James D. Boyer
1998 Ted Mitchell
1999 Steven B. Rogers, Lawrence D. Stokes
2000 Alice R. Cotten, Terry Roberts
2001 George Hovis
2002 John L. Idol Jr.
2003 Erin Sullivan
2004 Steven B. Rogers
2006 Shawn Holliday
2007 Wiley Cash
2009 Lucy Conniff, Janice McCullagh
2011  Steven B. Rogers
2012  Mark Canada
2013  Jedidiah Evans
2015  Jon F. Dawson