SOUTHERN PINES—The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame has welcomed five new inductees. The ceremony was held on Sunday, October 7, 2018, at the Weymouth Center in Southern Pines. New Inductees: James W. Clark, Jr., Randall Kenan, Jill McCorkle, Penelope Niven, and Marsha White Warren will join the sixty inductees currently enshrined.

The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame celebrates and promotes the state’s rich literary heritage by commemorating its leading authors and encouraging the continued flourishing of great literature. Inductions are held every other year. A list of inductees, as well as samples of their work and video clips of past inductions, can be found online at

Dr. James W. Clark, Jr.

Dr. James W. Clark, Jr. is Professor Emeritus of English at North Carolina State University. A native of Vaughan in Warren County, Clark holds degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, and focused his academic career primarily on the cultural geography and literary history of North Carolina, his native state. He has served as president of The Thomas Wolfe Society (1992-1993), The North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, and won the R. Hunt Parker Award for his contributions. In 2017, he completed a decade as president of The Paul Green Foundation, and still serves as president of The North Caroliniana Society.

Jim’s literary scholarship has included editing Thomas Wolfe’s The Lost Boy: A Novella, published by UNC Press in 1994, the first unabridged, non-serial publication of this work.

In 1999, in recognition of Jim’s many services to NC State the University’s Board of Trustees presented him the Alexander Q. Holladay Medal, which is given for professional excellence. More recently, in 2012, he received the University’s William C. Friday Award for Distinguished Service in Retirement.

Dr. James W. Clark, Jr.: “I’m honored to be part of a group of faculty and staff at N.C. State University where, in the land-grant spirit of education, we extend the culture, including literary culture in all forms and media, to our citizens of all ages, on and off campus,” Clark says. “Teaming up with writers and videographers and being a writer myself, I have been fortunate to be part of N.C. State University’s mission. We have whole-heartedly supported the N.C. Literary Hall of Fame since its opening in 1996. I accept the honor of my induction for many of my colleagues, some of whom are no longer alive.”


The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame was founded in 1996, under the leadership of poet laureate Sam Ragan, and is a program of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. Since 2008, the Network and the Weymouth Center collaborate with the North Carolina Center for the Book, the North Carolina Humanities Council, and the North Carolina Collection of the Wilson Library at UNC-Chapel Hill to produce the induction ceremony and to promote the NCLHOF and North Carolina’s literary heritage.

For more information, visit the NC Literary Hall of Fame at or the North Carolina Writers’ Network at

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